Updated 3/7/22

Pine-Tree Consignments       
To the Fun in the Sun March 25th, 2022      
Heifers selling: *Click on each heifer's name to see their individual profile      

Pine-Tree 8418 Outcome 717 GTPI +2989,  NM$ +1036   

(Outcome x Pursuit x Achiver x Morgan)

**Photo of Pursuit Dam.  Pursuit Dam fresh, just classified GP+83, and is doing very well on IVF.  This Outcome heifer is born 8/10/21, so will soon be ready to work. She is A1A1, AE.  With a positive DPR (+0.9), and a pleasing linear, she appears to be easy to mate.  

Pine-Tree 8596 Gameday 9309   GTPI +2997,  NM$ +1064    

(Gameday x Heroic x AltaRobson x Jedi)

**Gameday daughter that's A2A2, DPR +1.8, and out of a HEROIC dam.  The dam (8596) is fresh in January, testing 5.3% Fat.  Born in November, this heifer traces back to the Clear-Echo Man-O-Man 2213 cow family (pictured).


Pine-Tree 8676 Outcome 9260   GTPI +2973,  NM$ +975    

(Outcome x Heroic x Skywalker x Burley)

**Photo of Skywalker Grandam, this Outcome's dam is due to calve in March.  So far, our Heroics are pleasing young cows that get around comfortably.  Selling is an October 6, 2021 Outcome daughter, with DPR +1.0, A1A2, BE, and long teats. 


Pine-Tree 7593 Lift-Off 9199   GTPI +2944,  NM$ +1070  

(Lift-Off x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

This flush-age heifer comes directly out of the matriarch, Pine-Tree Era Achiever 7593.  Her own daughter by Lift-Off, this August 2021 heifer shows this family's strong NM$ combined with short stature.  She is A1A2, BE, and carries a DWP$ +1081.

Pine-Tree 8522 Zazzle 9206    GTPI +2974,   NM$ +1090, HH6+

(Zazzle x x Heroic x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

A grandaughter of Achiever 7593, this Zazzle heifer sells with CM$ +1103, CFP +180 lbs.  She is A1A2, BB, HH6+, DWP$ +1103, and should be ready to work soon (born August 19, 2021)  


Embryos Selling:

*All Embryos are located at Trans-Ova, MD NO RESTRICTRICTIONS on these matings


Sire:  Magnum (OCD Alphabet Magnum, 7H15839 )

Dam:  Pine-Tree 7593 Outcome 9183-ET  GTPI +2953, NM$ +1070, A2A2, BB, DWP$ +1143

Here are more opportunities. Besides buying live heifers, or buying IVF-Sessions, here are two lots of embryos READY TO SHIP TO YOU from Trans-Ova, MD.  First, these Magnum x Outcome embryos.  An A2A2 mating, these embryos are non-sorted, and directly out of an Outcome donor, daughter of Achiever 7593.  She brings a strong Zoetis/CDCB profile, while Magnum contributes protein.  Seven embryos total (3 are #1 quality, 4 are #2 quality).


Sire:  Porter (Aardema Lionel Porter, 7H15420 )

Dam:  Pine-Tree 8418 Highflier 688-ET  GTPI +2998, NM$ +1065, A2A2, BB, DWP$ +1044

Another embryo lot:  Porter x Highflier.   Ten embryos total (7 are #1 quality, 3 are #2 quality).  An A2A2 mating, these embryos are non-sorted, directly out of a Highflier donor, daughter of Pursuit 8418 (pictured).  Take a look at the Higherflier's profile (click on her name). Long teats, DPR +0.8, and strong component %.  These 10 embryos are located at Trans-Ova, MD.

IVF-Sessions Selling From This Donor:      

Pine-Tree 8571 Deluxe 9082   GTPI +3023, NM+ 1138 

(Deluxe x Heroic x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

   **IVF session sells from this NM$ +1138 Deluxe daughter grandaughter of 7593 Achiever.   So far, this donor has responded well to IVF. She has a neat combination of negative stature with long teats.  A1A2, BE, this donor has a strong DWP$ +1155.  Last week week she produced 12 transfers.  An opportunity to combine high NM$ with your choice of mating sire.

Pine-Tree 8676 Outcome 9184   GTPI +3027,  NM$ +1052    

(Outcome x Heroic x Skywalker x Burley)

**IVF session sells from this A2A2, BB Outcome donor.  She is just starting on IVF now.  With DRP +1.6 and Fat +0.35%, she will be interesting to mate. She carries a DWP$ +1119.  Her dam (Heroic 8676) is due to calve March 5th, and has made as many as 21 transfers on one IVF.  

Pine-Tree 8418 Rayshen 714   GTPI +3051, NM+ 1095  HH6+

(Rayshen x Pursuit x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

   **IVF session sells from this exciting Rayshen daughter.  Yes, she is HH6+, and A1A2, AB.  Already working on IVF, she carries Protein +65 lbs, with CM$ +1119.  The #1 GTPI daughter or Rayshen, here's an opportunity to combine Protein, GTPI, NM$ all in one package.


Roc-Bot Chief 11861 {4}-P  JPI +152   CM$ +718  JUI +7.2

(Chief x Listowel x High-Five)

   **IVF session sells from this milking Chief daughter.  She calved January 1, 2022, and is a strong milking Chief daughter. UPDATE - She just was appraised @ VG-82%.  POLLED, A2A2, BB, and ready to mate to the sire of your choice. 

Selling March 4th in the Ohio Convention Sale      

Pine-Tree 7593 Pursuit 8418    GTPI +2913, NM+ 1030 

(Pursuit x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)


**IVF session sells from this milking Pursuit daughter.  She makes embryos!  Click here to view her MASSEY SON, note his health traits.  Click here to view her Outcome son.  Then, click here to view her high NM$ Outcome son.  


Selling March 5th in Vierra's AMPLIFY sale



Donor:  Roc-Bot Chief 12620 {4}-P  JPI +159  CM$ +755   JUI +12.6 

(Chief x Listowel x High-Five)


   **IVF session sells from this POLLED Jersey bred heifer.  No, wait...Actually TWO IVF sessions are selling from this donor.  In Vierra's Amplify sale on Saturday, Lot G11A & G11B are both IVF sessions from Chief 12620.  She has protein +58 lbs. She is the #5 JPI Polled heifer, and is due to calve 7/28/22.  An A2A2 BB donor, she has averaged 13+ embryos/IVF on her last 4 sessions.

Selling March 29th in BUCKEYE CLASSIC sale      

Pine-Tree 2100 Feder 2695-P  JPI +124   CM$ +539  JUI +12.2

(Federer x Chrome x Listowel x Chisel Della)

   **This flush-age POLLED Federer daughter sells in the BUCKEYE CLASSIC SALE.  Click on her name to see her traits.  With DPR, percentages, purebred, A2A2, and ready to work, her profile would be interesting to combine with Chief & Got Maid bloodlines.  

Contact pinetreedairy@gmail.com for photos      

Sires with Semen available for your Genetic program


Conventional or sorted semen available from SEMEX







2 of his Great-Grandams over 250,000 lifetime.   Here are those 2 cows:

Pine-Tree Leif Suzy-ET

EX-91, EX-MS.
Dam of Pine-Tree AltaOak,

 278,492 lifetime milk and 7 lactations



Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia, EX-93  (photo as a young cow)

Maternal Great-Grandam of PINE-TREE BURLEY

Fresh into her 9th lactation.  Lifetime 292,164 inc.






OCD Supersire 9882

VG+86, 87-MS:

Dam of:


A2A2, A Bull that transmits strength and set to the leg side-view



29HO18812 Advisor, A2A2, BB 

1HO12911 Scuttle ~ CURVED SIDE VIEW, A2A2 BB

Grandam of:

Pine-Tree-I Pursuit 200HO11186  ~Availabe at Semex!


Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy




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