Updates 5/18/2021

Our Consignments June 11th Summer Opportunity Sale @ Pine-Tree      
Here are the Heifers selling: *Click on each heifer's name to see their individual profile      

Pine-Tree 7883 Heroic 8666-ET GTPI +2990,  GNM$ +871   LOT 16

(Heroic x Medley x Profit x OCD Supersire 9882 x Rudy Missy Family)

   A 16-month old donor, just under GTPI +3000, but with strong NM$, and is available.  If you're into components, notice hers...Fat +0.32%, Protein +0.10%...good for a CM$ +920.  If you need to add NM$ to your breeding program right away, consider this A2A2, & AB donor.  Full sister to PINE-TREE GARDNER-ET @ ABS (GTPI +3085).

Pine-Tree 8302 Burley 9025   GTPI +2951,  GNM$ +866    LOT 17

(Burley x Legacy x AOT Modesty Hoss x Cookie-Cutter Ssire Has)

   Pine-Tree Burley, a high-ranking daughter-proven sire, has a young daughter selling.  This April calf carries Burley's trademark wide, long rear teats, solid DPR, but with NM$ and from the Halo's.  A rare opportunity to find a high-ranking Burley daughter that is available. A1A2 and AB, her dam is a fresh Legacy daughter, available for inspection to sale attendees.

Pine-Tree 8361 Dinero 8973-ET   GTPI +2941,  GNM$ +852   LOT 18

(Dinero x Lionel x Achiever x Damaris x Tango x Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror)

   A Dinero daughter...who is he?  From ST-Gen, he is a Noble son out of North Florida breeding.  This calf's maternal grandsire, LIONEL, is a Frazzled son out of North Florida breeding.  That's right, this calf has the donor No-Fla Supersire 36090 twice in her immediate pedigree.  Born in February, this heifer offers FSaved +227, very low stature, and a DWP$ +1046.  A unique pedigree, with lots of mating possibilities.

Pine-Tree 7479 Hotmail 8978-ET    GTPI +2947,   GNM$ +858   LOT 19

(AltaHotmail x Marius x Helix x Yoder x Morningview Converse Judy's)

    Stature, strength, and body depth, all -1.00 or less.  Sired by the SAMSUNG son Hotmail, this heifer brings a slew of commercial traits along with CM$ +903.  Born in February, she is the 2nd highest GTPI AltaHotmail daughter.  A1A2 and BB, with DWP$ +1021, take note of this unique pedigree donor.


Pine-Tree 7479 Torrent 8856-ET   GTPI +2925   GNM$ +855    LOT 20

(AltaTorrent x Marius x Helix x Yoder x Morningview Converse Judy's)

    Sired by the AltaTopshot son, AltaTorrent, this heifer is born in November and soon ready to work.  An A1A2 BB heifer, her linear is worth noticing.  Click on her name to view her profile...negative stature, long teats, desireable leg set.  Ready to mate and with Protein +58 lbs.

Pine-Tree 8311 Helix 8989-ET   GTPI +2999   GNM$ +849    LOT 28

(Helix x Legacy x Guarantee x Profit x OCD Supersire 9882 x Rudy Missy Family)

    Helix...lots of his daughters out there right now. What makes this one special?  Through genetic selection, this heifer has inherited an intriguing combination of traits. Like HELIX daughters, she carries a Protein +63 lbs.  From her Dam (who was a top DWP$ heifer at one time), she carries DWP$ +1127, SCC 2.66, DPR +1.1, PL +6.3, CBCD Mast. +2.8.  A Helix daughter with health traits.  Along with that, she recently received an RZG +161.  Take a second look at this February calf. 

Pine-Tree 8311 Helix 8947-ET   GTPI +2969   GNM$ +807    LOT 29

(Helix x Legacy x Guarantee x Profit x OCD Supersire 9882 x Rudy Missy Family)

    A full sister to the calf above, this one has more production and less health traits. Take note of her protein (+66 lbs.), but with Protein +0.12%.  This January Helix daughter is still positive for DPR and CDBC Mast.  She is A1A2 and AB, and soon ready to work.

Pine-Tree 7593 YIS 8792-ET   GTPI +2914  GNM$ +817    LOT 30

(Yis x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

    Here's a chance to add a different sire to your line-up. She is directly out of the prolific 7593 Achiever donor.  An August 2020 heifer, she is ready to work.  Note her production (Fat +115 lbs., Protein +60 lbs.), with an extremely dairy linear profile (+2.02 dairy).  When you visit Pine-Tree Dairy, check out 7593 Achiever (dam of this calf), she is a herd-favorite, now milking in her 2nd lactation.

Pine-Tree BG7593 HX 1005-ET   GTPI +2922  GNM$ +833    LOT 31

(Helix x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

    This Helix daughter has a CM$ +860, and slightly negative stature (-0.05).  Another daughter directly out of Achiever 7593, this A1A1 BE December calf will soon be ready to work.


Pine-Tree 720 Einstein 8754-ET   GTPI +2897  GNM$ +779    LOT 32

(Einstein x Crimson x Modesty x Tuffenuf x Daddy x Robust 4846 x Rudy Missy Family)

    If you're looking for VARIETY among your current donor string, consider this JULY 2020 heifer.  With a slightly unique pedigree (Einstein x Crimson x Modesty x Tuffenuf), she's ready to work.  Notice all three of her mastitis traits (SCC +2.68, CDCB Mast. +3.5, and Zoetis-Mast. +105). Negative stature, A2A2, and AB, she's an easy heifer to mate.



Pine-Tree 1158 Kashi 8942 *RC   GTPI +2916  GNM$ +773   LOT 33

(Kashi x Escobar x Apprentice x Powerball x Uno x Goldwyn x Kamps-Hollow Altitude EX-95)

    A red-carrier January heifer, with GTPI +2900...sired by KASHI.  Who is Kashi?  He's a Kenobi son from the prolific donor, Pine-Tree 5976 Prophecy 7829.  Now fresh 2nd lactation, this Prophecy daughter has high fat with low stature.  That makes Kashi a maternal brother to Pine-Tree HALLOCK @ ABS.  Back to this heifer, she carries high components (Fat +0.22% and Protein +0.10%), DPR +0.9, and wide rear-teat placement.  Her dam was purchased from Jason Danhof, and is fresh 1st lactation.  This calf is A1A2, BE, and soon ready to work, consider this Red-Carrier Kashi daughter.


Pine-Tree 8783 Heroic 9019-ET PO   GTPI +2837  GNM$ +780    LOT 34

(Heroic x Shalom-P x Delta x Uno x Lawnboy x Bomax Dalse Finale Family)

    A Polled Heroic!  A pedigree slightly different than many polled sires available today, this calf is A2A2 and BB.  With strong fat % (+0.34%), and strong protein (0.09%), take a look at this young polled calf.


Pine-Tree 7793 Thomas 8743-ET PO   GTPI +2783  GNM$ +692    LOT 35

(Thomas-P x Achiever x Profit x OCD Supersire 9882 x Rudy Missy Family)

    An 11-month old POLLED donor selling, she is A2A2 and BB.  Sired by Pine-Tree Thomas-P (a Tendoy son out of Seagull-Bay Jillian family), this heifer has strong components, and wide rear teat placement (-0.97).  And, she has a Feed Saved +227. Consider her for mating with high POLLED sires, as her pedigree is unique from many polled lines. Or, consider using an elite GTPI/NM$ sire to begin a new polled family.


Pine-Tree 8177 Thomas 5761-ET PO   GTPI +2751  GNM$ +693    LOT 36

(Thomas-P x Skywalker x Burley x Yoder x Liquid Gold x Epic x Boulder x Mascol x Bret x Manfred Yadda)

    Another 11-month old POLLED THOMAS daughter selling, A2A2 and BB.  Her dam is our GP-84 Skywalker 8177 donor, the #1 GTPI Skywalker daughter. A few traits to notice on this heifer, she carries strong components (Fat +0.25% and Protein +0.13%), solid DPR (+1.9), with very wide rear teat placement (-1.16), and negative stature (-0.28).  A unique combination of modern desirable traits, in a different sire stack, with an extra perk of being polled.


Pine-Tree 1917 Thrasher 2478 {5}-ET   JPI +137  CM$ +575    LOT 9

(Thrasher x Enzo x World Cup x Chisel x Dazzler x Sunset Canyon Maid Family)

    Here's our only Jersey heifer selling. Thrasher 2478 carries a Protein +50 lbs, DPR +0.2, and JUI +10.0.  Tested A2A2 and BB, this August heifer is ready to work. We plan to IVF her before the sale.  Her dam is a VG-82 Enzo, milking in her first lactation with Herdmate deviations of Milk +6,000.  2nd Dam is the World Cup Dellia 1556 brood cow, who recently scored EX-91 fresh 2nd lactation. An 8-month old Jersey donor with 50 lbs of protein.

IVF Sessions From These Donors:      

Pine-Tree Era Achiever 7593-ET   GTPI +2848,  GNM+ 848    LOT 26

(Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

   Here's a chance for a breeder or a bull stud to get their own offspring of this prolific brood cow.  In the genomic ERA (pun intended), it is less common to see one cow become a brood-cow.  Now in her 2nd lacatation, 7593 Achiever is the Dam of 29HO19580 Tennessee, and 20 others >= NM$ +900, and is still making new exciting offspring.  Her 2nd lactation photo is listed. This IVF session might sell within any budget, plus it's chance to use a high new sire on a proven pedigree.  She still has CM$ +870, and a Feed Saved index of +263. Averaging 8.9 embryos/session.  We decided to offer an IVF session, directly from her.

     Jeff Ziegler/Select Sires, has seen Achiever 7593 multiple times, and says this about her...“Pine-Tree Era Achie 7593-ET is my vision of what today’s commercial dairyman are asking for in terms of cows made for profitability. I’ve seen her just fresh, and several times throughout her lactation, which has blossomed her into the right kind. Medium to below average stature with exceptional capacity because of her added width, depth and length of frame. Some set to the leg for excellent mobility, and a high textured udder for maximizing production, while minimizing udder health issues. She fits the mode of the invisible cow…..one you don’t remember because you rarely see her. She does everything without added management to maintain her livelihood, yet adds to your livelihood by having her in the barn.” 

Pine-Tree 7593 Heroic 8571-ET   GTPI +2973,  GNM$ +936  LOT 12

(Heroic x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

   Here is the first public offering out of this donor.  An elite HEROIC daughter right out of Pine-Tree Era Achiever 7593, she carries a CM$ +972. Full sister to Pine-Tree Tennessee.  This donor has been averaging 10.3 transferable embryos on her last six IVF sessions. Besides being elite CM$, she has a DWP$ +1141, and a Feed Saved +217.  Note her low stature (-1.29) and A1A2 and BE.

Pine-Tree 7593 Dante 8509-ET   GTPI +2891,  GNM$ +837  LOT 25

(Dante x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

   Another daughter of Pine-Tree Era Achiever 7593, she carries a protein +68 lbs, with negative stature (-0.59). Combine this with a daughter-proven sire-stack, and a nice IVF record, this donor is ready to fill your IVF purchase.  She resembles her dam (from my opinion), is the #1 NM$ Dante daughter, already has an AltaPlinko son with protein +83 lbs, and is due to calve December 2021.

Pine-Tree 7593 BigAL 4433-ET   GTPI +2944,  GNM$ +885  LOT 13

(Big AL x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

   Not only does she bring CM$ +916, but she does it with long teats, negative stature, and a bit of set to the leg. Sired by Big AL, and from the 7593 Achiever cow above.  She has sold two IVF sessions so far, and each buyer received over 15 embryos.  Now, she does have a DPR of -2.1.  Although this is a flaw, imagine how high her CM$ would be if her DPR was positive?  Complimentary mating on sons of Zazzle, Legacy, Heroic, Highjump, etc.  Or, consider mating her with a high RZG sire (she's +155).  DWP$ +1021, and all three mastitis traits + (SCS +2.67, CDBC-Mast +3.4, Z-Mast +103).

Pine-Tree Helix 7938-ET    GTPI +2958   GNM$ +878   LOT 14

(Helix x Achiever x Morgan Era x Robust Emerald x Planet Sapphire x Dellia Family)

    This is a fun heifer to talk about!  An own daughter of HELIX, out of Pine-Tree Era Achiever 7593, she has a CM$ +912 and Fat +146 lbs.  A daughter-proven sire-stack, with that much CM$!  A1A2, AE, this IVF session will be the first OPU done on this young donor.  She is the #3 NM$ Helix daughter, and carries a Feed Saved +169. Chose one of the extreme fat young sires available, and create something...


Pine-Tree 7883 Heroic 5644-ET    GTPI +3001   GNM$ +884   LOT 15

(Heroic x Medley x Profit x OCD Supersire 9882 x Rudy Missy Family)

    The #8 GTPI Heroic daughter, with GTPI +3001, CM$ +928, she is ready to fill your IVF purchase. This A2A2 and AB donor has been averaging 4.7 transferable embryos.  She is a full sister to Pine-Tree Gardner (GTPI +3085) at ABS. A solid profile, consider flusing her to an elite  sire like Sherlock, AltaFlywheel, or Payload!


Pine-Tree 7019 BigAL 604-ET    GTPI +2997   GNM$ +829   LOT 24

(Big AL x Profit x OCD Supersire 9882 x Rudy Missy Family)

    An older donor, from an older pedigree (right out of Profit 7019, the mother of ACURA), this A2A2 donor will mate well with today's mating sires. She carries a DWP$ +1088, with very attractive mastitis traits (SCC +2.68, CDBC-Mast +3.5, and Zoetis-Mast +106).


Pine-Tree 720 SOHOT 8819-ET     GTPI +2897   GNM$ +865   LOT 23

(AltaSoHot x Crimson x Modesty x Tuffenuf x Daddy x Robust 4846 x Rudy Missy Family)

  • Protein +69 lbs
  • Protein +0.09%
  • A2A2 and AB
  • CM$ +906
  • Intriguing Sire Stack

No-Fla Envoy Carmen 56696-ET    GTPI +2907   GNM$ +857   LOT 22

(Envoy x Medley x Rowdy x North-Florida breeding)

  • DWP$ +1220
  • Intriguing sire stack
  • A2A2 and BB
  • Feed Saved +326.  

Green-Banks Paco 8219-ET    GTPI +2930   GNM$ +852   LOT 21

(Paco x Matters x Pure x Dean x Larcrest Champaign Family)

    While searching for donors that will work with current mating sires, we identified this heifer in the December 2020 Fun in The Sun sale, from Dan Crowell, NY.  This A2A2, BB donor carries Protein +64, with wide, long rear teats.  An interesting sire-stack, this donor does not carry any crosses to Yoder.


Hollerman Rolan 1367-ET    GTPI +2886   GNM$ +787   LOT 27

(Rolan x Delco x Josuper x Hill x Hollerman breeding)

    We are actually selling TWO IVF sessions from this donor. A fresh 2 year-old, she has an intriguing sire stack. But, her best value is her combination of protein lbs and teat structure. Click on her name to view her profile.  Putting the milker on her is a treat, due to her ideal reat teat structure (length and width).  We purchased this donor from Shawn Hollerman, at the 2019 World Classic sale. She'll be available for inspection.  With an alternative sire stack, and ready to work, we invite you to lock her up, by purchasing TWO IVF sessions selling from this cow. 


Pine-Tree 1923 Gislev 2599-ET   JPI +139  CM$ +572    LOT 11

(Gislev x Viceroy x World Cup Della x Chisel x Dazzler x Sunset Canyon Maid Family)

    Selling an IVF out of this young Gislev donor, A2A2 and BB.  Note her components, Fat +0.28% and Protein +0.15%. A Jersey donor with long teats (+0.20), this heifer is soon ready to IVF.  Her dam is a VG-81 first lactation Viceroy daughter, currently testing 5.6% Fat & 4.3% protein.


JX MM Thrasher Manhattan 13947 {5}   JPI +155  CM$ +676    LOT 10

(Thrasher x Amplify x Mackenzie x Vernon x Tariff)

    From this A2A2 donor, we are offering one of her first IVFs.  With a CM$ +676, this heifer ranks approximately #6 on the overall CM$ list.  She carries a JUI +12.9, with DPR +1.2.  Slightly line-bred, she has two crosses to Missasska Mackenzie (Amplify is out of Jer-Bel Mackenzie Aleve). An opportunity to own some pregnancies out of this high ranking Jersey donor.


Contact us at pinetreedairy@gmail.com for additional photos


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2 of his Great-Grandams over 250,000 lifetime.   Here are those 2 cows:

Pine-Tree Leif Suzy-ET

EX-91, EX-MS.
Dam of Pine-Tree AltaOak,

 278,492 lifetime milk and 7 lactations



Pine-Tree Ramos Alexia, EX-93  (photo as a young cow)

Maternal Great-Grandam of PINE-TREE BURLEY

Fresh into her 9th lactation.  Lifetime 251,296 inc.






OCD Supersire 9882

VG+86, 87-MS:

Dam of:

PINE-TREE SAMIRAH, #9 TPI (proven) sire in December

A2A2, CFP+175.  A Bull that transmits strength and set to the leg side-view



29HO18812 Advisor, A2A2, BB 

1HO12911 Scuttle ~ CURVED SIDE VIEW, A2A2 BB

Grandam of:

Pine-Tree-I Pursuit 200HO11186  ~Availabe at Semex!


Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy




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