Pine-Tree Consignments
Nittany Fall Classic (October 15th) Consignments   

Net Merit Flush-Age Donor sells


GTPI +2974 NM$ +1168

A2A2, BB, DWP$ +1294, WT$ +147

Negative Stature, Feed Saved +462

Expectant x Heroic x Achiever

IVF x GTPI +3088 Parfect daughter


GTPI +3088 NM$ +1038

A2A2, BB, DWP$ +1205, WT$ +148

Long teats, DPR +0.5, Protein +68 lbs

Parfect x Legacy x Guarantee

Vierra Sale (October 18th) Consignment   

High NM$ Gameday Daughter sells

PINE-TREE 8418 Gameday 775-ET 

GTPI +3067 NM$ +1104

A1A2, Ab, DWP$ +1174 WT$ +111

Ready to IVF soon

Gameday x Pursuit x Achiever

Eastern Elite Brown Swiss Consignments  (Click on name to view profile)

Dam & Daughter Combo sells

PINE-TREE 27 Dario 9574 

PPR +147, CM$ +547

A2A2, BB, UDC +0.47, DPR +0.8

June Dario calf & her VG-87 Daredevil Dam sell!

Dario x VG-87 Daredevil x EX-91 R Hart Brookings Atlanta

March Pactole Daughter Sells with DPR +3.1!

PINE-TREE 2052 Pactole 9494-ET 

PPR +180 CM$ +528

A2A2, BB, UDC +0.51, DPR +3.1

Percentages, Components, Udders

Pactole x just fresh Trek x Hilltop Acres Nelgor Katie